Our Menifee Location

High desert locals and travelers from all over the globe who continue to prefer Archibald’s can now enjoy our pitch perfect cuisine at our new location in Menifee, CA. We have a convenient location just off the 215 freeway where you can get your fast/casual cuisine fix, whether you’re on the road or ready to watch the big game on one of our large, 10 flat screen televisions. We have one 80-inch, and two 70-inch screens on display.

Our menu at the Menifee restaurant has been carefully selected to include the favorite items of our other locations.

28881 Newport Rd
Menifee, CA 92584


The fun doesn’t stop with the entertainment. Archibald’s Drive Thru believes that the best thing about us should always be the food. Sporting events and craft and domestic beer should only accentuate a menu that uses fresh ingredients prepared to order.

You’ll relish the experience and talk about the food after you leave, until you come back for the signature Archibald’s experience.

We’ve hand-selected the most in-demand items with the largest following. We’ve trimmed our menu of a lot of the nonsense competing restaurants still try to force feed you.

We like to focus on what we do best: hunger-stopping specialty foods, savory sandwiches, and an eclectic beer selection poured by the pitcher from our 10-tap Blizzard System.

Not Hungry?

Enjoy our vast beer selection poured by the pitcher from our 10-tap Blizzard System.

Our Blizzard System keeps all our kegs at a cold, crisp 29 degrees. We also offer a menu of wine-based cocktails to our customers of drinking age.

We may be popular, but we’ll always have room for you. We feature a private parking lot. You’ll have no trouble finding a place to park. If you are in a rush, we have drive-thru service so you can get your delicious food on the go! Our food is made fresh whenever you order, so please be know that we are not your run-of-the-mill fast food joint. We are fresh food!

Archibald’s Drive Thru is designed for the entire family and open from the early morning until midnight.

Our Menifee location opened April 2017, but Archibald’s has been around since January 2000, serving Southern California with show-stopping food and sports entertainment, providing high-quality fare and fun for everyone.


Monday:7am -9pm
Tuesday: 7am -9pm
Wednesday:  7am -9pm
Thursday: 7am -10pm
Friday: 7am -10pm
Saturday: 7am -10pm
Sunday: 7am -9pm

Holiday Hours:

Christmas Eve:  DINE IN: 7am – 2pm / DRIVE THRU: 7am – 3pm

Christmas Day:  Closed

New Years Eve & Day:  Regular Hours